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Parking Lock


  • Brief introduction
Parking Lock is designed to manage the car parking space. It is easy to install and operate and low-cost maintenance.

HD-RPL11 Parking Lock is operated by remote controller. Press 'UP' button on Remote controller to rise arm up. Then the parking space is unallowed to use until press 'DOWN'  button to follow arm down.
  • Structure details
    Remote Packing Lock Rpl11

  • Technical Parameter
Model HD-RPL3
Parking Dimension 500*480*100mm
Net/Gross Weight 7KG/8KGS
Rated Voltage DC6V
Static Current 0.9MA
Working Current 0.8A
Arm Rising/Falling Time 5S/4S
Remote Controlled Distance ≤30M
Blocker height 370MM
Environment Temperature -30ºC~+60ºC
Effective Load 2000KG
Protection Grade IP67
  • Function & Features
1.Pressure resistance: 
Curved design and thicker steel cover make sure it can endure a pressure of 2000KGS car's rolling without damage.
Remote Packing Lock Rpl11

2. 25° Anti-collision & 360°Anti-kick
This parking lock is an innovative newest. It uses the steady properties of a triangular to make sure a real sense of lockable and anti-collision. It's really different from other Remote Parking locks. 

  • 25 degree anti-collision buffer and alarmRemote Packing Lock Rpl11
  • 360°Anti-kick. It can resist up to 150KGS  facing the front kick, 100KGS facing lateral kick and 70KGS facing the back kick.Remote Packing Lock Rpl11

3. High Capacity
4PCS of 1# batteries (or recharge battery as optional).
It's an energy-saved system, 4PCS of 1# batteries can supply the power throughout the whole year. 

4.Long remote control distance
The effective distance is at least 30 meters. It's very easy to control it.
Remote Packing Lock Rpl11

5.IP 67 Waterproof
The product can be flushed by water. It can work under the water more than one hours without any influence to the function..

Remote Packing Lock Rpl11



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